• About a world and architecture

    I'm believing that architecture is the existence
    which is between human being and whole world,
    a protector for a man from out side threat,
    it makes people comfortable,
    also it has an influence and responsibility for sociaty.

    The environment keeps changing day by day
    with incredible speed,energy and volume.
    We enjoy with a little consideration this change
    as a important participant.
    So I wonder that
    we have great empathy on unknown people's daily life on SNS
    who is living at unknown place.

    I want to create a place
    where people can find themselves as a precias person.
    A lovely,quiet and unplaceble daily picture,
    a corner base where makes people courageous
    to confront changes in the era,
    a sense and a touch as a home.

    These are my rules at residencial design.
    A guaratee of life,
    a comfortable house,
    responsible for the future and the landscape.
    The place where make society aware their presence,
    where family can make dream come true,
    where family can live thier own lives,
    where family can believe life is beautiful in every moment.