• Architect

    ■Representative architec
    Kiwamu Komae
    Born in Nov.5th 1950 1979 Resistrated architect of the first class
    Minister registration No.125553
    Representative since 2003
    Development in order housing and an apartment building
    Nominated for the Good Design Award
    The Opennet Design Award grand prize winner
    Many media appearances
    Engaged in a design and supervision, property a lot

    ■Company history
    Fouded as a construct company in eary 20 century
    The First class architect office since 1965
    Reorganaization in 2003
    60 completed residencial
    9 completed condos
    30 completed funiture design

    ■The architect who belongs to office
    Ako Komae
    Resistrated architect of the second class
    Governer of Kyoto registration No.16218

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