How to highly insulation house高気密高断熱住宅の作り方

Making high insulation

1 Maximize the insulation performance
 roofs,floras and outer walls with spray insulation
2 Maximize the airtightness of windows
 with high quality product
3 24-hour ventilation system which never decrease
 cooling and hiating effct

  1. 1High quality varrier
  2. 2Air tight window
  3. 324hours ventilation system
  4. 4Building air conditioning
  5. 5Seismic grade3
  6. 6Outer wall ventilation

1High quality varrier

The key to high quality varrier is
the insultation performance of
roof,floor and outer wall.
to minimize gaps spray barrier is on the roomside
board barrier is on outer wall side,
both are installed like blancket for building.

We call it "Double barrier"、
It is not a common construction method
among Japanese housing.

2Air tight window

Air tight windows are another important favcility
in highly insulted homes.
There are many types of
highly insulated window products,
and houseowners can choose for
budget,purpose,or other reasons.

These products are more effective
in synergy with "Double barrier".

324hours ventilation system

Highly insulation house don't have natural ventilation.
However good indoor environment requires ventilation.
Therefore this antinomy issue could be solved
by heat exchange air conditioners.

The synergystic effect with #Double barrier" realizes
a comfortable indoor environment 24 hours a day.
Cuts the inflow of heat and circulates fresh air,
this is the principle of highly inslated housing.

4Building air conditioning

The whole building air conditioning of house
is common in US condominiums ,
but it is very rare in Japan for histlical reason.
However Japan has very hot,humid,and cold season
so we recommnd this air conditioning system.
It's still more expencive than regular system,
but it's not only confortable
also cheaper to run ,so we bilieve how valuable it.

5Seismic grade3

Japan is famous as one of the countries
most prone to huge erthquakes.
Earthquakes are not uncommon ,but seismic regulations
especialy for house has not strict in Japan.
After some huge earthquakes it have improved.

The purpose of oudinary seismic regulations is
to gain evacuation time,not to protect the house.
The grade3 is recommnded to protect your house
from major erthquake in the near future.

6Outer wall ventilation

Japan is in warm region with high humidity
and heavy rainfall from June to August
rainy days continue at the end of the season.

However since most Japanese houses are made of
walter senstive wooden structures,waltertightness
of building is very important in Japan.
Outer wall ventilation system contributes significantly
against treat of rany season.