Exsamples of renovation worksリフォームの作品事例


House needs will change as time goes by .
Repainting walls,increasing families,improving equipments,changing of lives...
Home owner can choose a renovation for better life.

  1. 1condo 3LDK
  2. 2one room extension
  3. 3repainting wall

1condo 3LDK

Renovated 30years old family type condo to 1LDK.
New bathroom and kitchen with state of the art facilities using twin glazed windows,high quality flooring,create a modern and top quality of life seem like a residencial.

area:66m²/8tories 3rd floor

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Renovated 3LDK family type condo to 1LDK

more information → studio304

2one room extension

10years later,the life of owner and his families has changed.
They don't need a car but the son need a study room.
So they decided boldly to change garage to studyroom.
At the result now that is the finest room in the house.

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one room extension

They warried about ceiling heigh,sound protection,confortableness of the room,
but it was unnecessary anxiety.

more information → house of sunny side

3repainting wall

Ten years later, fading of wood on outer wall.
The owner decided repaint and resolve other issues.

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repainting wall

Wood quality limits are deflent by product.
The avalaged limit seem like 3~5 years.
10years later,owners may consider about repainting.